About us

The Wales Environment Trust is a pioneering trust, launched in 1996, that is committed to promoting a healthy environment for the public, businesses and organisations in Wales by minimising waste in local environments.

Naturally, the citizens of Wales are lucky because the country itself is stunning which means an organic propensity to a scenic environment. However, maintaining this environment is equally as important as recognising it because through maintenance, the beauty of the environment will last. This is where the Wales Environment Trust comes into the picture.

Whether a small business needs our help to become more sustainable or whether communities want to know how they can find more recyclates to reuse in their lives, the Wales Environment Trust is there every step of the way.

The structure of our organisation is a Trust which means that we have a responsibility to the environment of Wales before we can look to our own benefit. This highlights our focus on giving maximum return to stakeholders such as local communities who want to protect the environment as well as local businesses that want to become more sustainable in their quest to be more socially responsible as well as financially successful.

For the best approach to sustainable environment, communities and businesses, look no further than the Wales Environment Trust.