What are aggregates?

Aggregates are the essential elements that are used in construction. Take a look at the types of aggregates below that can also be used as elements in recycling in Wales:

  • Compost: The Trust is encouraging stakeholders to meet necessary compost targets that have been set to minimise the amount of waste that is generated by society. The National Assembly for Wales have set a target of 15% that needs to be met. The Trust is committed to promoting compost targets.

  • Plastic: The Trust wants to promote more improvements in the infrastructure of how plastic is collected and recycled in order to encourage the minimisation of plastic bag and general plastic waste.

  • Paper: The Wales Environment Trust recognises the popularity of paper in the UK and the difficulty in making paper recycling financially viable. To this end, the recycling of the paper fibres is seen as a priority for stakeholders.

  • Equipment: The Trust wants to make using equipment for waste management and waste minimisation more efficient. Solutions will come from the Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE).

  • Wood: Wood recycling is encouraged by new regulations as well as initiatives such as the Landfill Tax Directive. The Trust aims to promote the importance of wood recycling by providing support for stakeholders who want to increase their level of wood recycling.

  • Vehicles: Motor transport vehicles that can be recycled remain another important priority of the Trust. Recycling of vehicle components such as waste tyres and rubber are vital to deliver targets of recycling end of life vehicles.

  • Glass: New laws such as the Packaging Directive have put glass recycling back into the spotlight. The Trust wants to encourage more glass recycling in order to meet targets.