Our Services

What does the Wales Environment Trust provide?

There are a wide range of services that the Wales Environment Trust provides to stakeholders in Wales. Take a look below at some of the services we offer to understand what the Trust does:

Promote tax credits: Through campaigning and promotion, the Trust works hard to promote landfill tax credits to stakeholders such as businesses that operate in Wales in order to minimise waste in the nation. Tax credits are a unique way to ensure that waste is minimised because they act as incentives for small businesses to keep their waste output to a minimum.

In challenging economic times, the Trust will endeavour to administer landfill tax credits as a smart tool that helps businesses remain environmentally focused without threatening business goals and aims.

Provide support: The Trust will also provide specific local government support to help highlight the value of recyclates (materials which can be recycled) in terms of how these materials can be reused and retained within the community. Through this support, the Trust will raise the profile of what recyclates can actually do for stakeholders and the community at large.

Create new markets: The Trust is dedicated to promoting new markets for recyclates in how they can be used commercially. This is an important service to show stakeholders how sustainable environments can produce commercially viable ideas.